The goal of TACTIC PERFORMANCE is to provide an easy process to give job performance reviews. Making the process easy means these reviews will be conducted more often and the benefits of Performance Evaluations can be more easily realized.

We all know that feedback is important to give to our employees. Yet the traditional Performance Review process is often dreaded by Managers and feared by employees. TACTIC PERFORMANCE lets the employee and manager each answer a set of 75 questions. The chart produced for the employee and the chart produced for the Manager provide a basis for conversation around the review, highlighting areas for growth and improvement as well as areas for praise and acknowledgement. Additionally, the differences between the employee and manager reviews provides a basis for discussion. When the Performance Review process is running smoothly, both the employee and the manager should be on the same page. 

The TACTIC PERFORMANCE evaluation tool, combined with job-specific goals, can be used on a regular basis to ensure the team is moving forward and goals are aligned. The process also provides tangible metrics and feedback for all involved. The "baseline" comparisons can be used to acknowledge growth over time along with areas for focus and improvement.

When the employee completes their TACTIC PERFORMANCE Evaluation their results are stored. They do not receive the results immediately. 

When the Manager completes the TACTIC PERFORMANCE Evaluation they are given access to both their results as well as the Employee's results.