TACTIC Team Evaluation™ - Team (including Named Members)

TACTIC Team Evaluation™ - Team (including Named Members)
Company: TACTIC Global
Product Code: Team-Named
Price: $97.00

TACTIC Team Evaluation™ credits for Teams with named Individual Reports included.

Get this product for each Team member. For example, if your team has 10 people on it you get a quantity of 10.

Team Leaders will receive the report for their team and can also see each individual report. Individual Reports are named (the individual is identified.)

Additional emails can be notified to receive copies of the Team report.

Each completed evaluation gets compiled into the Team summary. The Individuals do not receive a report. All individual responses are named to the Team Leader. The Team leader also receives a consolidated report that shows the total results across all team members in addition to the report for each Team Member.

Note that you cannot mix and match the different Team code report types for a report for the same Team.

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